How to Order

Here is a little information to help figure out how to order a BeNi Cake!

Most tiered cakes will need to have an advance notice of at least 3 weeks so that we can ensure our kitchens are free and nothing comes between us and your cake. Single layer cakes can possibly be booked within a week if we have no other commitments.

If you have a party theme or a picture of what you are looking to replicate as a cake, please include that in your email so we can be on the same page.

Have an idea of cake flavors, filling flavors, frostings or fondants, and any other special requests.

If you have a special cake plate or decorations (edible or non edible) you'd like us to use, we would need those no later than one week before the cake is due.

There is a deposit on any cake plate/separators that will need to be used on your cake. I will try to use disposable ones, but if your outstanding cake needs more support...we'll break out the plastics! Normally this is about 20.00 to cover the cost of them in case they aren't returned. Wedding cakes are a bit more, if they are gigantic ones!

Fresh flowers on a cake are your responsibility, but I can help with the arranging of them on wedding cakes.