Monday, December 27, 2010

Flowers and a 10-minute BeNi cake!

It's rough when your birthday is December 26. And often you get gypped out of a cool cake. Even if your mom is "Ni."

This year "Ni" did a nice cake for her daughter earlier in December. Here's what it looked like:
For the actual day of birthday, the December 26th birthday girl requested a crab cake. That is, a cake that looked like a crab. But who wants to bake a cake the day after Christmas? There was half of a cake in the freezer that became this little sand crab creature -- a 10-minute deal and the birthday girl loved it! One thing to keep in mind is that while crushed graham crackers make great sand, it also goes flying when the birthday candles are blown out.
Happy 7th Birthday, CBR!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

65th Anniversary Cake (on the road with BeNi Cakes!)

After shipping my supplies via FedEx down to Memphis and finding the other needed supplies at a local grocers, here is the anniversary cake that I made "on the road!"

A few things I learned were that brands of pure cane confectioners sugar and humidity changes and electric ovens make HUGE differences in how frostings and cakes work! But I also discovered a fun, new-to-me thing... It is SO yum and yes, I bought a few cans to take home so now I'm sure to find it in our town when I get back. :)

The cakes were white with Solo Cake and Pastry Raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. The dark red mini carnations and sprigs of mint are real.

By the way, this was a cake for my husband's Grandparents. They will be married 65 years in December and we had a little surprise celebration for them at Thanksgiving while the whole family was gathered since some of us won't be in town for Christmas.