Monday, August 22, 2011

FedEx Picnic 2011

We attended the annual FedEx/ALPA family picnic at the Anchorage Zoo this past Sunday and this year I made a small cake and cupcakes!  I haven't found a large cupcake stand that I'm impressed with enough to buy yet so I had to improvise.  It worked well for this occasion in particular!  There were four dozen more cupcakes hidden under the table that eventually disappeared along with all of these, so I guess everyone liked them!  It was a great day at the zoo, rain and all!

Cupcakes were vanilla with purple and orange specks and fluffy buttercream frosting.  The round cake was chocolate pudding with fluffy buttercream and an edible image of the logo.  This cake went to the couple that did all the work arranging the fun picnic!  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On the Road Wedding Cake

BeNi Cakes is delighted to share a couple pictures of our "on the road" wedding cake and groom's cake that we made and decorated in Iowa two weeks ago!  A dear friend of ours who has been like our little sister grew up, realized she was in love with her best friend, and their love of books was the theme of their amazing wedding reception.  We were honored to be asked to make their cake and surprise the groom with a cake composed of three of his favorite books.

The wedding cake was three different flavors, two each of cherry chip, lemon and white with raspberry filling.  A non-melting buttercream icing recipe saved the day!  I think I'm in love with dream whip (a little secret ingredient).

The groom's cake was chocolate cake with marshmallow fondant. 

There are lots of people to thank for helping us make this away from our homes and we appreciate everyone who helped out!  Congratulations Erin and Robby!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Feliz 10 de Agosto!

A chocolate pumpkin cake with buttercream frosting to welcome home my two little Ecuadorians.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Atiska Ataska Charlie's on a CAKE!

Happy Birthday to Anne C., author of a wonderful children's book titled "Atiska Ataska Charlie's in Alaska!"  It was a challenge to make an airplane out of fondant and I had a great time making an Alaska themed cake.