Sunday, December 5, 2010

65th Anniversary Cake (on the road with BeNi Cakes!)

After shipping my supplies via FedEx down to Memphis and finding the other needed supplies at a local grocers, here is the anniversary cake that I made "on the road!"

A few things I learned were that brands of pure cane confectioners sugar and humidity changes and electric ovens make HUGE differences in how frostings and cakes work! But I also discovered a fun, new-to-me thing... It is SO yum and yes, I bought a few cans to take home so now I'm sure to find it in our town when I get back. :)

The cakes were white with Solo Cake and Pastry Raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. The dark red mini carnations and sprigs of mint are real.

By the way, this was a cake for my husband's Grandparents. They will be married 65 years in December and we had a little surprise celebration for them at Thanksgiving while the whole family was gathered since some of us won't be in town for Christmas.

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RogersUIO said...

Ooooooo.....Ni would be interested in that raspberry filling! :)