Saturday, May 7, 2011

Simple Birthday Cake!

Keeping it simple sometimes proves to be really hard for me.  Such as it was with this cake!  I kept asking "are you sure no colors, no fondant, no swirls?"  But I'm really glad my friend stuck to her vision and insisted on just dots and buttercream because this cake turned out quite sophisticated and gorgeous-just like her!

The fresh carnations and strawberries complemented the lemon cake and made for a lovely spring birthday cake!

Welcome to the 32 club Monique! :)

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Robin Sue said...

Beffy, your cakes are amazing! We have watched more TV in our lives trying to catch that commercial! We have yet to see it on TV- I think we will see it by accident! So glad you are famous over the jalapeno dip, that stuff rocks. Thanks for popping in!