Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Killer Whale of a Cake!

Ok, so I know I'm supposed to call it an orca. This spyhopping orca was made for Andy's 11th birthday and he loved it! We're studying sea creatures in science this year and he requested a sea creature cake. Thanks to for the inspiration!
The cake was two layers -- a white cake with blue swirls (which turned out quite cool looking) on top of a chocolate cake (we called this part the abyss). Frosted with buttercream frosting and fondant sea creatures. Did you know that sea snakes have paddle-shaped tails? They're also supposed to have stripes. The orca was formed with Rice Krispie treats and covered with buttercream frosting.


xxshadow.rosexx said...

i'd love to make this cake for my friend's birthday! how did you make the whale out of rice krispies?

BEFFY! said...

Hi Shadow Rose-
To make the whale just make rice krispie treats like you normally would except mold them into the shape you want to decorate. Then just decorate it with frosting! It's really simple!

Camilla said...

What did you use for the fins?