Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wheel of Fortune Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to my Gram in Iowa!  This was BeNi's first shipped cake thanks to FedEx priority overnight shipping!  I dropped it off at 1230pm AST yesterday and Gram had it by 10am CST today and said it was in perfect condition.  Yay!  It took a lot of plastic wrap and a lot of packing peanuts, but I'm glad to know they can ship.

Gram was surprised and loved it, of course.  She's a huge Wheel fan.  Happy 79th Gram!

Cherry chip cake with cherry frosting and marshmallow fondant. 


RogersUIO said...

Cool cake, Be! I remember watching Wheel of Fortune with Grandpa & Grandma. Grandpa would get mad if I guessed the puzzle before he did! I wonder how many more "to be shipped" orders you'll get now that you know it can be done!

Monique said...

Looks awesome! I want a piece of your cake so bad!